Wood heating systems designed and supplied by

de la Haye Engineering Ltd


As official UK agents for the boilers we supply, we stock a large selection of spare components and replacement parts. Any items we do not have in stock will be sent out directly from the manufacturer, and normally arrive from Scandinavia within 8-10 working days.

If your boiler was purchased and installed through one of our registered installers, please contact them directly for spare parts / warranty claims / boiler servicing.

We can currently supply spare parts for the following boilers:

  • Veto Ala-Talkkari woodchip boilers
  • HS Tarm TPK
  • HS Tarm DBK
  • HS Tarm TK
  • HS Tarm MG
  • HS Tarm Bonus Light
  • HS Tarm Solo-Innova MK2

We can also supply parts for the following discontinued boiler ranges:

  • Baxi Solo-Innova MK1
  • Baxi Multi-Heat
  • Baxi Bonus
  • Baxi MB Solo

Please contact your installer for parts. If your installer is no longer trading, pease contact us and we will be happy to supply you.

For boilers installed by ourselves we can offer maintenance contracts or servicing as required. We may agree to service / repair boilers that we did not install – this is at the management’s discretion.

If you have any questions regarding boiler maintenance please ask your installer, they will be happy to help.

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