Wood heating systems designed and supplied by

de la Haye Engineering Ltd

Drying Floors

One of our recent bespoke engineering solutions was a highly efficient woodchip drying floor heated by a Veto 190kw woodchip boiler.

Installed at a sawmill, this drying floor uses heat produced by the woodchip boiler (also heating a timber kiln and local district heating scheme) to dry woodchips to <15% moisture for sale.
Designed from scratch, this solution is highly efficient, using 100kw of the boiler's output and a 1kW fan to dry a batch of chips (roughly 20m3) within a 24 hour period.

Heat used by an enclosed drying floor is eligible for payments under the non-domestic RHI.

As with our installation services, we are happy to install woodchip drying floors within a rough 2-hour radius of our office address, TD11 3HS.
If you are located further away, please do contact us as we may still be able to help. 

To find out more, or if you would be interested in seeing this system in action, please contact us.

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