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Veto Woodchip Boiler Systems

We supply and install Veto woodchip boiler systems manufactured by Ala-Talkkari in Finland, who have been designing and manufacturing biomass boilers for over 60 years. Veto boilers are reliable, long lasting, easy to use, and have been designed specifically for use with solid biomass fuels. Whilst designed primarily as heavy-duty woodcDiagram of veto systemhip systems, Veto boiler systems can equally be used with other forms of biomass fuels, including wood pellets and grains. Currently, RHI emissions certificates cover wood chips and pellets only.

The boilers themselves are customisable to a large extent, and there are a wide range of additional features available to ensure a Veto system can fully meet your needs.

These boiler systems are suitable for both small scale heating and large commercial applications, with available outputs ranging from 30-900kw.

Veto boiler systems come in two main parts: the boiler itself, and the chip feed system (the 'stoker'). Stoker systems are supplied either as sealed steel hoppers with chip agitation and feed mechanisms in the range 1-22cum, or as spring agitator feed systems for self-build silos up to 100cum. Boilers can be made to order with chip feed entry to the front or either side, with inspection doors mounted accordingly. This makes the Veto range incredibly versatile.

For an 'off the shelf' solution we supply Ala-Talkkari containerised heating units, with outputs ranging from 60-700kw.

An exciting development for 2015 is the release of the Ala-Talkkari CHP (Combined Heat and Power) boiler range. Please contact us for more details.

We can currently install Veto woodchip boiler systems in Southern / Central Scotland and Northern England. 
If you would be interested in becoming a registered installer for Veto boilers, please contact us for more information.

Veto installation

Veto 220 (190kw) serving a non-domestic RHI District Heating Scheme